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Michael Bublé was born in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. He dreamed of becoming a famous singer since age two. His grandfather, who also paid for his singing lessons, exchanged his stage time at nightclubs for plumbing services as a teenager. Bublé’s big break came when he sang at a wedding and was introduced to David Foster. After signing to a label, he released a self-entitled album that was one of the top albums that year. He has since won several Grammys and has had songs reach number one on the Billboard charts.

Michael Bublé Facts

  1. Full Name: Michael Steven Bublé
  2. Date of Birth: September 9, 1975
  3. Birthplace: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
  4. Height: 5' 10"
  5. Weight: 168 lbs.
  6. Shoe Size: 11
  7. Eye Color: Hazel
  8. Hair Color: Light Brown

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