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Matthew Staton Bomer was born in Webster Groves, Missouri though later moved and grew up in a suburb of Houston, Texas. Matt acted at Houston’s Alley Theatre and later graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. After graduating, Bomer moved to New York City and landed a role in All My Children. He caught his big break with the starring role in White Collar, which chronicles the partnership between a con artist, Neal Caffrey and an FBI agent. Since then, Matt Bomer has been featured in several television shows such as Glee and American Horror Story.

Matt Bomer Facts

  1. Full Name: Matthew Staton Bomer
  2. Date of Birth: October 11, 1977
  3. Birthplace: Webster Groves, Missouri
  4. Height: 6' 0"
  5. Weight: 176 lbs.
  6. Shoe Size: 11
  7. Eye Color: Blue
  8. Hair Color: Dark Brown

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