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Jonathan Daniel Hamm was born on March 10, 1971 in St. Louis, Missouri. Following graduation from University of Missouri, Hamm moved to Los Angeles with just $150. After three years without any roles, Hamm landed a role on NBC’s drama Providence. Soon after, he was cast in We Were Soldiers (2002), CSI: Mami, and The Unit. Hamm received his breakthrough role in 2007 when he was cast as Don Draper in AMC’s drama series Mad Men. Jon Hamm later won a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award for his performance.

Jon Hamm Facts

  1. Full Name: Jonathan Daniel Hamm
  2. Date of Birth: March 10, 1971
  3. Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri
  4. Height: 6' 2"
  5. Weight: 200 lbs.
  6. Eye Color: Blue
  7. Hair Color: Dark Brown

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