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Joseph Adam Jonas was born in Casa Grande, Arizona. With his brothers Kevin (older) and Nick (younger), they formed the pop-rock band Jonas Brothers. On August 17, 2007, Joe and his brothers guest-starred on Hannah Montana. The episode broke cable records with a record 10.7 million viewers. Joe Jonas later starred in the reality series Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream and later in Married to Jonas featuring his brother Kevin and sister-in-law Danielle. His solo album, Fastlife, debuted on Billboard 200 charts at No. 15 in 2011.

Joe Jonas Facts

  1. Full Name:Joseph Adam Jonas
  2. Date of Birth:August 15, 1989
  3. Birthplace:Casa Grande, Arizona
  4. Height:5' 8"
  5. Weight:141 lbs.
  6. Shoe Size:9.5
  7. Eye Color:Dark Brown
  8. Hair Color:Black

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