The Navy Blazer (1 Item – 3 Looks)

The Navy Blazer (1 Item – 3 Looks)

Every man should own a quality, well-fitting navy blue blazer. A blazer is a classic single-breasted wool coat with brass, horn, or plastic buttons. The most traditional and versatile blazer being navy blue in color. A navy blue blazer will undoubtedly pair with numerous items already in your closet—it goes with nearly everything! But, its all-purpose simplicity makes the navy blue blazer one of the most worthwhile clothing purchases no matter your what your budget may be.

There are a number of brands offering high-quality navy blue blazers at great prices such as River Island, Combatant Gentleman, and J.Crew. There’s no need to break the bank to get a high-quality blazer to incorporate into your wardrobe. However, ensure the blazer is well-fitting when worn. Taking it to a tailor to get properly fitted to you may be necessary. A properly fitting navy blue blazer will add numerous styles to your wardrobe especially with these three great looks.

Navy Blazer Looks

Sweater and Sneakers - 1 Item 3 Looks

Dean Slub Crew T-ShirtPetrol Blue Slim Suit BlazerLambswool Crewneck SweaterNike Killshot 2 Sneakers1969 Slim Fit White Wash Jeans

Sweater and Sneakers

Complement the basic look of a sweater and sneakers with a navy blue blazer. Get the sweater and sneakers look with a Uniqlo Lambswool Crewneck Sweater, Alternative Dean Slub Crew T-Shirt, 1969 Slim Fit White Wash Jeans from GAP, and a pair of vintage Nike Killshot 2 Sneakers from J.Crew. Then, slip on a River Island Petrol Blue Slim Suit Blazer to instantly set yourself apart from the crowd.

  1. Dean Slub Crew T-Shirt
    Alternative – $8.04
  2. Petrol Blue Slim Suit Blazer
    River Island – $80
  3. Lambswool Crewneck Sweater
    Uniqlo – $19.90
  4. 1969 Slim Fit White Wash Jeans
    GAP – $69.95
  5. Nike Killshot 2 Sneakers
    J.Crew – $70.00

Classy Chinos - 1 Item 3 Looks

Twill BlazerSlim Fit Non-Iron French Cuff OxfordSolid White Cotton Pocket SquareRugby-Striped TieSplit Suede Belt with Dark EdgingOur Argyle Dress SockThayer Chukka BootWashed Chinos

Classy Chinos

Transform your casual chinos into a dressier look with the simple addition of a timeless navy blue blazer. The navy blue will compliments a pair of chestnut colored chinos perfectly. Make your chinos classy with a Banana Republic Slim Fit Non-Iron French Cuff Oxford Shirt, Bonobos Washed Chinos, Zara Split Suede Belt with Dark Edging, and a pair of Our Argyle Dress Sock from Tie Bar. Complete the look with an H&M Twill Blazer, Solid White Cotton Pocket Square, J.Crew Factory Silk Rugby-Striped Tie, and Sebago Thayer Chukka Boots.

  1. Twill Blazer
    H&M – $79.99
  2. Slim Fit Non-Iron French Cuff Oxford
    Banana Republic – $79.50
  3. Solid White Cotton Pocket Square
    The Tie Bar – $10.00
  4. Rugby-Striped Tie
    Dan Smith – $10.95
  5. Split Suede Belt with Dark Edging
    ZARA – $19.99
  6. Our Argyle Dress Sock
    The Tie Bar – $9.99
  7. Thayer Chukka Boot
    Sebago – $67.30
  8. Washed Chinos
    Bonobos – $68.00

Buttoned Up Blazer

Thompson Suit JacketDiscord Square SunglassesSolid Twill White Pocket SquareIndigo Gingham Dress ShirtStratton Tassel Slip-On LoaferStraight-fit Flat Front Dress PantDolby Solid TieBrown Leather Belt

Buttoned Up Blazer

There’s no better way to button up a preppy look than with a navy blue blazer. Get the classic look with a Indigo Gingham Dress Shirt from Macy’s, Uniqlo Slim Fit Olive Chinos, Perry Ellis Dolby Tie, a Banana Republic Brown Leather Belt, and matching Johnston & Murphy Stratton Tassel Slip-On Loafers. Top off the look with a Thompson Suit Jacket from J.Crew, Solid Twill White Pocket Square, and a pair of Spy Discord Square Sunglasses.

  1. Thompson Suit Jacket
    J.Crew Factory – $107
  2. Discord Square Sunglasses
    Spy – $61.08
  3. Solid Twill White Pocket Square
    The Tie Bar – $11.99
  4. Indigo Gingham Dress Shirt
    Macy’s – $69.50
  5. Stratton Tassel Slip-On Loafer
    Johnston & Murphy – $184.95
  6. Straight-fit Flat Front Dress Pant
    Match – $17.99
  7. Dolby Solid Tie
    Perry Ellis – $21.99
  8. Brown Leather Belt
    Banana Republic – $49.50


If you’re looking for more navy blazer looks, you can check out our Navy Blazer Collection.

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