The Navy Blazer (1 Item – 3 Looks)

The Navy Blazer (1 Item – 3 Looks)

Every man should own a quality, well-fitting navy blue blazer. A blazer is a classic single-breasted wool coat with brass, horn, or plastic buttons. The most traditional and versatile blazer being navy blue in color. A navy blue blazer will undoubtedly pair with numerous items already in your closet—it goes with nearly everything! But, its all-purpose simplicity makes the navy blue blazer one of the most worthwhile clothing purchases no matter your what your budget may be.

There are a number of brands offering high-quality navy blue blazers at great prices such as River Island, Combatant Gentleman, and J.Crew. There’s no need to break the bank to get a high-quality blazer to incorporate into your wardrobe. However, ensure the blazer is well-fitting when worn. Taking it to a tailor to get properly fitted to you may be necessary. A properly fitting navy blue blazer will add numerous styles to your wardrobe especially with these three great looks.

Navy Blazer Looks

Sweater and Sneakers - 1 Item 3 Looks

Dean Slub Crew T-ShirtPetrol Blue Slim Suit BlazerLambswool Crewneck SweaterNike Killshot 2 Sneakers1969 Slim Fit White Wash Jeans

Sweater and Sneakers

Complement the basic look of a sweater and sneakers with a navy blue blazer. Get the sweater and sneakers look with a Uniqlo Lambswool Crewneck Sweater, Alternative Dean Slub Crew T-Shirt, 1969 Slim Fit White Wash Jeans from GAP, and a pair of vintage Nike Killshot 2 Sneakers from J.Crew. Then, slip on a River Island Petrol Blue Slim Suit Blazer to instantly set yourself apart from the crowd.

  1. Dean Slub Crew T-Shirt
  2. Petrol Blue Slim Suit Blazer
    River Island
  3. Lambswool Crewneck Sweater
  4. 1969 Slim Fit White Wash Jeans
  5. Nike Killshot 2 Sneakers

Classy Chinos - 1 Item 3 Looks

Twill BlazerSlim Fit Non-Iron French Cuff OxfordSolid White Cotton Pocket SquareRugby-Striped TieSplit Suede Belt with Dark EdgingOur Argyle Dress SockThayer Chukka BootWashed Chinos

Classy Chinos

Transform your casual chinos into a dressier look with the simple addition of a timeless navy blue blazer. The navy blue will compliments a pair of chestnut colored chinos perfectly. Make your chinos classy with a Banana Republic Slim Fit Non-Iron French Cuff Oxford Shirt, Bonobos Washed Chinos, Zara Split Suede Belt with Dark Edging, and a pair of Our Argyle Dress Sock from Tie Bar. Complete the look with an H&M Twill Blazer, Solid White Cotton Pocket Square, J.Crew Factory Silk Rugby-Striped Tie, and Sebago Thayer Chukka Boots.

  1. Twill Blazer
  2. Slim Fit Non-Iron French Cuff Oxford
    Banana Republic
  3. Solid White Cotton Pocket Square
    The Tie Bar
  4. Rugby-Striped Tie
    Dan Smith
  5. Split Suede Belt with Dark Edging
  6. Our Argyle Dress Sock
    The Tie Bar
  7. Thayer Chukka Boot
  8. Washed Chinos

Buttoned Up Blazer

Thompson Suit JacketDiscord Square SunglassesSolid Twill White Pocket SquareIndigo Gingham Dress ShirtStratton Tassel Slip-On LoaferStraight-fit Flat Front Dress PantDolby Solid TieBrown Leather Belt

Buttoned Up Blazer

There’s no better way to button up a preppy look than with a navy blue blazer. Get the classic look with a Indigo Gingham Dress Shirt from Macy’s, Uniqlo Slim Fit Olive Chinos, Perry Ellis Dolby Tie, a Banana Republic Brown Leather Belt, and matching Johnston & Murphy Stratton Tassel Slip-On Loafers. Top off the look with a Thompson Suit Jacket from J.Crew, Solid Twill White Pocket Square, and a pair of Spy Discord Square Sunglasses.

  1. Thompson Suit Jacket
    J.Crew Factory
  2. Discord Square Sunglasses
  3. Solid Twill White Pocket Square
    The Tie Bar
  4. Indigo Gingham Dress Shirt
  5. Stratton Tassel Slip-On Loafer
    Johnston & Murphy
  6. Straight-fit Flat Front Dress Pant
  7. Dolby Solid Tie
    Perry Ellis
  8. Brown Leather Belt
    Banana Republic


If you’re looking for more navy blazer looks, you can check out our Navy Blazer Collection.

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