The Chambray Shirt (1 Item – 3 Looks)

The Chambray Shirt (1 Item – 3 Looks)

Chambray’s roots originate from cambric fabric, a heathered blue fabric originally created in the mid-1500s in Cambrai, France. Chambray, as we know it today, stemmed off this plain weave fabric. America first saw a widespread use of chambray when the U.S. Navy first authorized chambray for uniforms in 1901. All workers quickly adopted the durable and breathable shirt fabric, giving birth to the term “blue collar worker.”

Though sometimes mistakenly referred to as denim, chambray is now more aligned with fashion brands than ever before. Brands like J.Crew, Bonobos, ASOS and many more offer a variety of shirts in many different shades, not just the traditional blue chambray. See how a shirt with this timeless fabric can help you add three great looks to your wardrobe.

Chambray Shirt Looks

Dressed Up Chambray - 1 Item 3 Looks

Blue Tailored Slim Suit JacketLudlow Shirt in Japanese ChambrayLevi's 511 Slim CorduroyNavy Knitted TieBison Plaid PocketsquareLenox Hill Derby ShoeStitched-edge BeltAll Tied Up Tie Clip

Dressed Up Chambray

Dress up a chambray shirt with a jacket and tie. Start the outfit off right with a Ludlow Shirt in Japanese Chambray. Put together a classy look around the chambray shirt with a River Island Blue Tailored Slim Suit Jacket, ASOS Navy Knitted Tie, Kenneth Cole All Tied Up Tie Clip, and Bison Plaid Pocketsquare from The Tie Bar. Add just the right amount of flair with maroon Levi’s 511 Slim Corduroy pants coupled with a J.Crew Stitched-edge Belt. Lastly, round out the look by slipping on a pair of Cole Haan Lenox Hill Derby Shoes.

  1. Blue Tailored Slim Suit Jacket
    River Islan
  2. Ludlow Shirt in Japanese Chambray
  3. Levi’s 511 Slim Corduroy
    Urban Outfitters
  4. Navy Knitted Tie
  5. Bison Plaid Pocketsquare
    The Tie Bar
  6. Lenox Hill Derby Shoe
    Cole Haan
  7. Stitched-edge Belt
  8. All Tied Up Tie Clip
    Kenneth Cole

Invested Chambray - 1 Item 3 Looks

Slim Flagstone Marled HenleyClean Chambray ShirtDown Vest JacketDeep Indigo Slim Selvedge DenimSentry Stainless Steel Leather WatchStriped Extreme Thermal SocksAir Pegasus 83 Leather

Invested Chambray

Bundle up that chambray shirt for a great look in cooler weather. Set up your look with a GAP Clean Chambray Shirt, J.Crew Slim Flagstone Marled Henley, and a North End Down Vest Jacket. Then add to the outfit a pair of Combatant Gentlemen Deep Indigo Slim Selvedge Denim, Redtag Striped Extreme Thermal Socks, Nike Air Pegasus 83 Leather Shoes, and a Nixon Sentry Stainless Steel Leather Watch.

  1. Slim Flagstone Marled Henley
  2. Clean Chambray Shirt
  3. Down Vest Jacket
    North End
  4. Deep Indigo Slim Selvedge Denim
    Combatant Gentlemen
  5. Sentry Stainless Steel Leather Watch
  6. Striped Extreme Thermal Socks
  7. Air Pegasus 83 Leather

Chambray on Campus - 1 Item 3 Looks

Slim-Fit Chambray ShirtVintage Canvas Backpack RucksackClassic Jean BeltFish SkinWeekender Watch With Leather BandDark Brown Leather Wrap Around BraceletLanter Boot1969 Black Fill Slim Fit

Chambray on Campus

Get a solid casual look for campus that begins with a chambray shirt. Build the outfit with an Old Navy Slim-Fit Chambray Shirt, GAP 1969 Black Fill Slim Fit Pants, Timberland Classic Jean Belt, and a pair of Jimmy Lion Fish Skin Socks. Wrap up the style by lacing up a pair of Steve Madden Lanter Boots and putting on a Dark Brown Leather Wrap Around Bracelet and Weekender Watch with Leather Band. The Bluboon Vintage Canvas Backpack Rucksack will compliment your look perfectly.

  1. Slim-Fit Chambray Shirt
    Old Navy
  2. Vintage Canvas Backpack Rucksack
  3. Classic Jean Belt
  4. Fish Skin
    Jimmy Lion
  5. Weekender Watch With Leather Band
  6. Dark Brown Leather Wrap Around Bracelet
    Urban Jewerly
  7. Lanter Boot
    Steve Madden
  8. 1969 Black Fill Slim Fit


If you’re looking for more chambray shirt looks, you can check out our denim/chambray shirts collection.

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