Five Friday Favorites – Issue #1

Five Friday Favorites – Issue #1

When looking for Famous Outfits to post, we come across some pretty good stuff. Each Friday, we’re going to highlight five items that we really like. This could be a website, specific product, or even a great sale. Rest assured, it will be good stuff that you have grown accustomed to finding at Famous Outfits. It’s called Five Friday Favorites and we think you’ll enjoy it.

Peel Case

1. Peel Case

Looking for a great case to protect that shiny new iPhone 6s? The Peel from NeedWant is a super thin case to protect your iPhone without any ugly branding or added bulk. What some are calling the “invisible case” comes in 4 color options to match each of the available iPhone colors. You can pick one up at


Everlane Short Sleeve Marled Shirt

2. Everlane Short Sleeve Marled Shirt

Known for their “True Cost,” Overlane is committed to making great clothes without the traditional retail markup. The Short Sleeve Marled Shirt is no different. Made from 100% cotton marl, the t-shirt is slightly heavier than a typical cotton tee with a subtle weave of color that complements almost any outfit. Take a look at Everlane.


Timex Weekender Chrono Watch

3. Timex Weekender Chrono Watch

It’s hard to beat the basic Timex Weekender’s price for such a great looking, quality watch. But, the Timex Weekender Chrono Watch at Urban Outfitters takes it up a notch by adding a chronograph complication coupled with a genuine leather strap. The stainless steel bezel makes this watch a perfect choice for business or pleasure. Check it out at Urban Outfitters.


Nice Laundry Socks

4. Nice Laundry Socks

Nice Laundry makes it easy to replace your old, boring socks with high-quality socks that rock. No need to go cheap to start fresh. You can opt for a sock drawer makeover or a quarterly subscription. Either way, Nice Laundry makes it easy having 6 unique pairs pre-selected in packs priced at just $49. Start your winning sock drawer at


J.Crew Factory Selvedge Jeans

5. J.Crew Factory Selvedge Jeans

The J.Crew Factory is now offering their Driggs and Sutton fit denim in dark wash selvedge. Currently priced at just $69.50, the Driggs and Sutton are a great price for a pair of selvedge jeans. J.Crew Factory is known for fluctuating their sale prices so, you may be able to score a pair even cheaper if you keep your eye peeled. Find your size at J.Crew Factory.

As always, we would love to hear what you think or if you have any suggestions for future Five Friday Favorites.

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