Damn, Daniel!

Get the style of Damn, Daniel

The internet has blown up over the hilarious video Josh Holz made to half-sarcastically compliment his high-school buddy Daniel Lara’s outfits. The teen-agers have been featured on Time, Fortune, USA Today, and Wired. Even brands like Axe, Clorox, and obviously Vans have capitalized on the internet sensation. eBay listings have popped up, tattoos have been inked, and the audio has been remixed, and apps have been made. Yet, no one has broken down the great outfits that inspired Josh to say “Damn Daniel” in the first place. So, Famous Outfits is “back at it again” to show you how to Dress like Daniel.

Great Tweets about Daniel’s Great Looks

The best of the best #damndaniel tweets

After their video cleared over 45 million views in just nine days, Josh and Daniel were invited on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to the talk about the Snapchats that made them internet stars. The teenagers described how the funny, now famous, videos filmed during their 6th period class came to be. You can be sure that Daniel will be back at it again with his lifetime supply of Vans.

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