$1000 Combatant Gentlemen Giveaway Winner

$1000 Combatant Gentlemen Giveaway Winner

First of all, we want to thank you for entering the Famous Outfits + Combatant Gentlemen $1,000 giveaway. So many of you took the time to go to the Combatant Gentlemen website and pick out an outfit that you liked, and the submitted outfits were very good and well put together. A lot of you also took to social media and shared the giveaway with your friends and family, and we appreciate your support in spreading the word.

$1,000 Winner

Gift Card

I’m pleased to announce that our winner for our first ever giveaway on Famous outfits is Peter Fredericks.

This was Peter’s original comment.

Going with a mismatched jacket/pant combo to hold on to the end of summer as long as possible.

1) The Navy Blue Slim Fit Suit Jacket
2) Charcoal Slim Fit pants
3) Light Blue and White Gingham Wide Spread Collar
4) No tie, but if I had to select one it’d be the navy blue silk skinny tie

Sockless with a pair of Rancourt Beefrolls in Dark Olive Chromexcel
And a Shinola Runwell
Tortoise Clubmasters

Congratulations Peter! We’ll email you with more details on how you can claim your prize.

Top Outfits

Hundreds of outfit combinations were picked during the giveaway, but we chose only 24 of the most creative to be voted on! Based on your comments, these outfits were the most popular: Skyfall, Cape Cod Casual, Laywer Look, Tying the Knot, Dress Me Down!

Shirt+Tie Combo Winners (3)

We threw you all for a loop when we announced a giveaway inside the giveaway! We had great response and many of you gave great reasons why a certain outfit was your favorite. Here are the three winners.

Bob Hazlett

Respectable Poet Is the outfit I would choose Please pick my comment- see what I did there, it’s a haiku….you know, like a poet might write.

Matthew Walton

Dress Me Down: I work in a creative field…the suit’s a bit too much…sometimes tshirts are just too sloppy. The Dress Me Down is perfect.

Dustin Kemper

Keeping it simple. I usually wear a monotone palette with subtle pops of color here and there. I like the minimalism and versatility of the black and white combo, with the ability to show some personality in a colored tie.

Thank You!

Even though the giveaway is over, Combatant Gentlemen is still giving everyone a free tie with any purchase. Use the exclusive coupon code famousoutfits at checkout to have the cost of the tie in your shopping cart taken off your order total. Thank you so much for making this an unbelievable month for Famous Outfits. This is just the beginning. We have some incredible things in store for you . . . stay tuned!

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